Byeda Story


The story of Byeda is not a new story, and its origins go back to research and development many years ago. When a creative and experienced group, determined to produce a new generation of paper industries and products, such as: paper rolls, disposable tableware, paper cups, strokes, singles, etc.

Byeda: lasting

with the brand Byeda, a lasting brand with an original name that has different meanings in the words of different strata of Iran (Kurdish and Turkish). As it is recorded in the Turkish dictionary with the meaning of “big bowl” and in Kurdish, it means “lasting”.

Byeda Paper Industry Expert Group, with its efforts at night and day, took the first step in preserving and promoting the life of nature and globalizing the culture of healthy living by making a variety of herbal paper products that turn into nutrient fertilizer in less than 100 days. To some extent, they succeeded in this direction as the only Iranian brand.

Plant paper products, a turning point in the paper industry

Byeda herbal paper products are among the historical events of the paper industry, which, with the help to the nature, also pays attention to the mental health and body of the consumer. It is offered to most Middle Eastern countries, including Oman, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, etc., as a clean and safe product. These products, which are made with sugarcane stalks, provide a completely clean environment for food. They do not contain any harmful polymeric or petroleum substances in water or oil or in the presence of hot food. They are produced with the aim of keeping Iranian families healthy.

Clean, healthy and degradable products

The Byeda Group believes that people around the world should replace clean, healthy, and degradable products with disposable plastic and recycled products so that all human beings can enjoy the blessings of health. Thus, if you are looking for healthy and compostable paper cups, strokes, singles, and disposable dishes, and also want to have products free of harmful and toxic molecules, all you have to do is use the health-oriented products of the Byeda paper group.